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这样的告别有点早,但是随着 IonMonkey 正式在 Firefox 18 中启用,JaegerMonkey 的替换工作也会开始加速。从 Mozilla Bugzilla 中的这个页面(Bug 805241)可以看到相关的工作已经进行了大半,JaegerMonkey 被一个简单的 Baseline Compiler 替换掉的日子或许已经不远了。贴上 Baseline Compiler 的目标:

Jan de Mooij [:jandem] 2012-10-24 15:50:07 PDT

Now that IonMonkey has landed, we want to replace JM(+TI) with a much simpler baseline compiler. The main goals are

* No dependency on TI, no recompilations caused by type changes * Fast compilation times * Clean design, easy to support new ops * No advanced optimizations (LICM, inlining, regalloc) * ICs for most operations, reusable IC stubs * Collect and store data useful for Ion compilation