Wei Wu / @lazyparser

PLCT Lab. OSDT/HelloGCC/HelloLLVM. RISC-V Ambassador.

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Hi, my name is Wei Wu. This is my personal website.

HelloCompiler / My Blog in Chinese

编译路漫漫/HelloCompiler.com md

hellocompiler.com 是我的个人中文博客。

从2021年3月7日开始,我将其从 wordpress 转换到了 GitHub markdown,并将DNS重定向到了 lazyparser.com 。 请从 blog.cn.md HTML 访问我的中文博客内容。

OSDT Community (Formerly HelloGCC and HelloLLVM)

I am the service man of HelloGCC and HelloLLVM community.

Since 2013, we have a bigger community scope, so we changed the name to OSDT commuinty, which means Open Source Developer Tools. Now the members of our community comes from many fields, e.g. compilers, runtimes, kernel, simulator, static analysis, browser, operating system.

The website of OSDT/HelloGCC (for tech blogs, OSDT Conf): https://hellogcc.org

The website of HelloLLVM (for meetup notice only): https://hellollvm.org


I am the co-founder and project director of PLCT Lab. PLCT Lab is working on open source compilers, simulators, and runtimes.

The Blog of PLCT, in English: https://plctlab.github.io

Our open source repos: https://github.com/plctlab

Our Blog, in Chinese: https://github.com/plctlab/PLCT-Weekly

We are hiring! Both internships and full-time. All remote!

Check out all the information you want to know in one repo: https://github.com/lazyparser/weloveinterns

My public talks and presentations

see https://github.com/lazyparser/talks

My writings

极简项目管理 (minimalist team leader) This is written in Chinese.